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(Note: this page will be the static address home of the 2014 poems of Samuel Barnes. All works rights reserved under creative commons open license. (Share freely) Aloha ke Akua. I … Continue reading

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Where The Waters Meet, Part I:

(This is the second segment of a four-part issuing of my collegiate honors thesis. Bless!) Sung, spoken, and read over many centuries along the river’s length and all across the … Continue reading

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Where the Waters Meet: India’s Ganges in Mythology and Reality (An Introduction)

Where the Waters Meet: India’s Ganges in Mythology and Reality Introduction: The Religious Conception of India   Across the geographic map of the Indian subcontinent, stories, shrines, and sinuous trails … Continue reading

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Above the Earth

You were floating Many hundred meters off the surface Tethered to a tensile string Revolving nineteen times a second   I was standing With feet in a line and my … Continue reading

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A Dream

I have a dream that one day soon my nation, and all nations, will awaken to their highest nature, a dream where we are not masses of workers and bosses, … Continue reading

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For the Last Tome

It happened again I stared into the ether and couldn’t say whether or when it began or when it would end. I was in those moments nearly even much less … Continue reading

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Narayana Seva

Service to Man and Service to Earth   For four weeks this September, AVEI convened intensive workshops in various techniques of earthen architecture—two weeks were devoted to the theory and … Continue reading

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Raising the Dawn

‘To no one in particular’ The city is chartered to belong. In Auro’s orbit circular, My soul is swinging to that song. (Body, mind, my work in kind, Are slowly … Continue reading

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On Scattering my Father’s Ashes

(Forget it, friend, Forget the flights you planned to make Just beat your wings and fly.) Remember, rather, The sun on your face And the loving embrace Of salt breeze … Continue reading

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Fractal Seeds

The times at last begin Where all of life runs clockwise In pulsing moves— Exceeding speed— and ticking past the blood we bleed While in the soil fractal seeds Branch … Continue reading

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